IGA Training

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment of Rural Women through

Skills Enhancement Program:

In collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, 4500 rural women are being trained in various trades in Nandail, Ishwarganj, Tarakanda, Phulpur, Gauripur and Sadar upazilas of Mymensingh district to create entrepreneurship by enhancing their skills. The trades include turkey rearing, pigeon rearing, floating vegetable farming, chanachur and pickle making, housekeeping and cooking education, showback making, earthen flower tops, and other dead artworks.

VGD Program:

RISH is the implementation Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) program funded by the Department of Women Affairs (DWA) at Nandail Upazila Under the District of Mymensingh (2019-20) &  Duarabazar Upazila under Sunamganj district(2017-18). In this Program, 4110 vulnerable women are getting support from various IGA Trainings.

RISH is establishing income-generating computer training and life-skilled training programs like bloke-batik, sewing, graphics, and handicrafts for extremely poor children. Besides this, RISH is providing training for the local unemployed youth on income-generating activities.

RISH is implementing mass awareness activities according to the decision of the District and Upazila Tobacco Control Task Force committee to make smoking free of public places and public transport. Besides this, RISH is continuously doing campaigns providing leaflets, stickers, and signboards and setting up billboards on smoking-free areas.

Unnata Chula( Improved Cook Stove):

Protecting the environment is one of the foremost considerations in RISH’s every program design and implementation at the field level. To curb the adverse impact of climatic variation, and to save energy and fuel consumption by the villagers RISH has been experiencing since the very beginning of its inception. Eventually, RISH is contributing a lot by establishing an innovative, villagers’ user-friendly, and very cost-effective earthen woven commonly known as Renata Chula among a large number of people RISH  conducting demonstrations on Muspana Chula for ——Raising community awareness about Indoor Air Pollution ( IAP) issues, Advocating appropriate behavior changes, and building demand for improved cookstoves; Promoting commercialization of energy-efficient stoves through identification of appropriate technology and entrepreneur development. Objectives of the Improved Cook Stove (ICS) Program.

•To reduce indoor air pollution in the rural kitchens;

•To improve the kitchen environment to support the mother and child health care program;

•To reduce the number of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases attributable to solid fuel burning at rural homes;

•To protect against de-forestation through improving the fuel efficiency of the cooking stoves;

•To reduce the Green House Effects.

The advantage of improving cooking stove—–

• Made with stainless steel.

• Reduces the use of fuel by at least 58%.

• Thermal efficiency of 27.9%.

• Portable.

• Fuel can be burnt properly through a filtering process.

• Insulation between the combustion chamber and outer body reduces overheating.

• Made for a family size of 8-10 people.

• Suitable for use anywhere.

• Saves time up to 13%.

Environment-friendly Stove Program

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope (RISH) is successfully implementing an environmentally friendly Stove Program in its  Sunamgonj and Mymensingh areas with the technical assistance of German Technical Cooperation (GIZ). As a result, fuel costs become half of the targeted people in working areas.

Pregnant mother’s allowance program

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH) is an implementing partner with the lead organization of Seba Foundation this project with the assistance of the Department of Women Affairs under the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs of Bangladesh Govt. program implementing area is  Ishwarganj and Phulpur Upazila under Mymensingh district and Hushenpur Upazila under Kishorganj district for the poor pregnant mother. Around 3 thousand pregnant women beneficiaries are getting benefits under 3 Upazila. The beneficiaries are receiving training on health, nutrition, and IGA. They are also getting allowance from govt. at the rate of Tk. 5 hundred per beneficiary per month for 2 years. This program is implemented under the lead organization of the Seba Foundation.

Improving Access to Life Skills Reproductive Health Education and Condom Services for Male Youth Project- 

The project is run by the Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH)  at Sadar upazila of Mymensingh district and Sadar Upazila under Mymensingh district with the assistance of the Rural Resource Centre ( RRC) Around 2000 youth are brought under this program. They are trained on HIV/AIDs to prevent it in the society with Population Council from 2007 to now.

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