Emergency Relief Program

ELNHA (Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors): 

Project as Lead Actors, focusing on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, and Community Mobilization activity along with Capacity building, training staff & volunteers, conducted meetings & Coordination developed communication material and awareness building activity in compliance with procurement policy of Donor. 

Emergency Humanitarians support:  

RISH worked with the ELNHA (Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors) Project as Lead Actors focusing on gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Climate  Change Adaptation & Mitigation and Community Mobilization activity was the main focus of the project in the Haor Area of Bangladesh under the Leadership of POPI (People) Oriented Program Implementation) Financed by Oxfam in Bangladesh         RISH has the CTP activities (Cash transfer programming): CTP in emergencies is one form of humanitarian response which can be used to address   basic needs and/or protect, establish or reestablish livelihoods.” Cash transfer for Empowerment, Freedom of Choice, Dignity, and flexibility, Links response to recovery. Response Modalities will be – In-kind – distribution, Cash/ Voucher – distribution, Combined in kind, and cash/voucher. Types may be Cash Transfer Projects: Cash for work, Cash grants, and Vouchers. An MPG (Multipurpose cash grant) is defined as a cash transfer (either regular or one-off) corresponding to the amount of money a household needs to cover, fully or partially, a set of basic and/or recovery needs.MPGs are by definition unrestricted cash transfers. MPGs are unrestricted cash transfers that place beneficiary choice and prioritization of his/her needs at the forefront of the response. The MPG is to prevent the increase of negative coping mechanisms among severely vulnerable people and uphold their dignity. The Multi-purpose cash assistance will contribute to meeting the survival Minimum Expenditures Basket (MEB), but can also include other one-off or recovery needs. To meet the immediate food security and other basic needs of the affected people in the aftermath of any humanitarian crisis. Ambition to meet multi-sectoral objectives. To complement the Government efforts during any humanitarian crisis and to maximize the impacts of emergency response.

Covid19 Protection Project:

In collaboration with various donor organizations, RISH distributed 450 hand sanitizers, 5000 masks and 1250 food packets to the needy and poor people in Mymensingh districts.

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